Libbie Mill Library Opening

Libbie Mill Library opened October 29, 2015. The nearly 60,000-square-foot, three-story building has six study rooms, two larger conference meeting rooms, and several collaboration spaces. Sleek and modern designs dominate the library’s decor and visitors are greeted with an interactive Heritage Wall exhibit that details county history from the past 200 years. The digital media lab’s computers have advanced software along with a podcast station. There’s a dedicated teen section with relevant books, study rooms, and computers for limited gaming.

One of three recent projects our team has undertaken for Henrico County, the Libbie Mill Library is the largest. It will also become the most urban library in the county, as the lead project in an all-new, 80-acre, mixed-use neighborhood development, inspiring additional investment in the community.

For this project, Tappe has teamed with the award-winning Richmond, Virginia based firm, BCWH Architects. Working collaboratively, we deliver exemplar planning and design services for many library projects throughout Virginia.