A building project that incorporates major aesthetic, design and system upgrades over a number of years that allows us to continue to use our building throughout the renovation. We will try to concentrate major disruptive work to a carefully planned summer, and close some areas off as needed. We will be respectful of town budgets and understand that renovations and upgrades of the existing footprint and structure is sustainable and cost effective, but we have the goal of making changes that transform our space….

Statement 1: The renovated MVRHS building will be environmentally sustainable. We will strive to achieve Net Zero designation, and our infrastructure and systems will be efficient...Highly efficient and fully functioning systems to support heating, cooling, plumbing, electric, safety and tech access.

Statement 2: The renovated MVRHS building will have an inspiring and upgraded aesthetic. An abundance of natural lighting/ Center/library/cafe/entrance as the heart/ Art in halls, display of student work, values, etc/ Collaborative heart and spaces. Better use of hallways

Statement 3. MVRHS will have new and improved flexible gathering spaces for collaboration/ Medium sized gathering areas for meetings, presentations, class meetings, department meetings

Statement 4: MVRHS will have a portfolio of appropriately sized classroom spaces: the average class size in HS core classes is about 21 students, and the majority of our classes will have a footprint that can accommodate 25 students, two adults and furniture and equipment. MVRHS will also have smaller classes for Academic Support classes and additional collaboration spaces for students and staff.

Statement 5: MVRHS will have a portfolio of office and counseling spaces. There will be smaller offices for 1:1 counseling. We will have designated space for a School Based Health Center as well as a typical nurses office. We will

Statement 6: MVRHS will blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Our building will incorporate outdoor spaces as meeting and classroom spaces. More secure external access from courtyards and outside spaces.

Statement 7: CTE spaces that are up to date and welcoming. Address the design, space needs and quality of CTE spaces (horticulture, health assisting, ECE) some adjustments to auto, culinary and carpentry.

Statement 8: PE/Health space that is safe, up to date, etc. Weight lifting and aerobic space in the building.

Statement 9: A facility that reflects our commitment to the arts. Some key areas for Performing arts (recording studio, orchestra pit) and Visual arts (photo space, green screen area for video)

Other details:
Larger cafeteria or flexible space to accommodate larger lunches and events.
Some key stand alone spaces (Voyager, Compass, Navigator) should be integrated better.
Integration of multiple office spaces
Faculty bathrooms
Storage and loading dock.