Atlee Library

The new Atlee Branch Library located in Hanover County, part of the Pamunkey will be a two-story 20,800 SF facility. This civic portal visually connects the arrival plaza to the woodlands behind. An intimate court with open glass on 3 sides is revealed once the portal is crossed. The court will provide a unique and quiet public space. The Court connects to the main two-story high-volume lobby with stairs connecting the second-floor programmatic areas and is designed to allow for a visual control of all the activities within the public space.

On the first floor is the reading area, quiet study rooms, public computers, and periodicals, as well as a large meeting room, public restrooms, and the administrative wing. On the upper floor is the children’s areas, the Teens space, a Digital Media Lab, a Creative Commons and a series of small conference and study rooms.

The two wings are connected with an open creative common and a bridge with a glazed balustrade. The site for the new Atlee Library is located within the Rutland Crossing site, a commercial and office development.