Bugeye Guy Quonset Hut

Working with a passionate car enthusiast who became a recognized expert and resource to other enthusiasts, Tappé Architects has helped David (BugeyeGuy) Silberkleit convert and expand a surplus WWII Quonset hut into a headquarters for an international car restoration center. David focuses on a single car type – the Austin Healey Mark I Sprite, also known as the “Bugeye Sprite” (or in the U.K. the “Frogeye Sprite”). Manufactured only from 1958 to 1961, it is a unique niche market and deserved a unique building to house restoration workshop, offices, parts warehouse and showroom. The project has been implemented in a series of on-going phases and included re-skinning the Quonset hut with curved standing seam metal roof (and installing insulation between now and old roofs), inserting an administrative loft, carving out a reception space, completely new façade celebrating the unique building form, upgrading the building systems, replacing windows with thermally efficient units and adding skylights, and then doubling the footprint with an addition to bring BugeyeGuy World Headquarters to 12,000 sqft. www.bugeyeguy.com