Fairfield Area Library

Designed in collaboration with BCWH Architects, the new 44,000sf Fairfield Area Library is a center of opportunity and a hub for learning for the community. The Design Team held several neighborhood stakeholder meetings to generate a solution that responds to the unique needs and aspirations of the surrounding population. Core spaces in the facility will focus on teaching life skills and family connectedness – ideals the community agreed were important to elevate.

Entering the two-story space at the intersection of 2 large masses, library patrons navigate flawlessly to the community meeting areas, Adult spaces or the Children and Teen’s spaces on the 2nd floor. Multipurpose rooms and outdoor spaces are available for programmed or ad hoc activities. A unique feature to a Henrico County Library, the one-button recording studio will allow the public to record personal histories. On the upper floor, the thresholds to the Teen and Children’s Areas are connected by a collaboration space, whose primary use is to function as a central gathering space for parents and caregivers. Outfitted with lounge seating and tables & chairs, and supported by technology, it is intended as a space for informal gathering and productive work. The site will have an outdoor entry plaza, a bicycle and pedestrian pathway to Harvie Road, with room for an additional 16,000 sqft addition.