Lynch Elementary School

Project Overview

An all new 3 floor building replaces the existing 1 story school. Grades are arranged by floor, with a separate access point and wing for Pre-K, The site provides access from neighborhoods on both sides, including a pedestrian bridge over a stream. Natural light pours in throughout the building, including into breakout and small group zones. Priority was places on outdoor learning areas as well as play activity zones. The building is arranged to lock off the wings to make common areas available for after hours community use.

Interior and Exterior Approach

The three levels of the classroom wing are designed with their own unique identity of materials, colors and imagery. Shared spaces, such as the Library/Media Center or STEAM lab incorporate floor-to-ceiling glazing to maximize daylighting and visual connections to learning/student work.

Articulation in plan and section of the the exterior wall helps to break down the scale of the relatively large project, including separate entrances for K-5 and Preschool and a variety of materials with a range of color, size and surface texture. The natural/earth-tone color palette was developed with input from Lynch parent, teacher and staff focus groups.

Net Zero Design

The New Lynch will be an all-electric building, no longer relying on heating oil or natural gas. The goal for the New Lynch is to reach Net Zero through roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar arrays. The structural capacity of the roof accommodates maximized photo-voltaic (PV) fields, with options for canopies and site integration.

Construction Images