Melrose High School Learning Commons

One phase of many renovations which Tappé has undertaken at Melrose MHS, the new Learning Commons includes specialty classrooms, a cable television studio, café space, administration area, and a mixed-use open auditorium. The renovations have been well received by not only the school staff and students but also the community.

The new Learning Commons at Melrose High School replaces an outdated resource center and classroom suite. The innovative design caters to all types of learners: collaborators, communicators, critical thinkers and creative makers. A variety of solitary and group workspaces, reading zones, dedicated technology labs and a café area blend seamlessly to provide an effective learning environment.

Although the learning commons does serve the community at large through various after-hours presentations, the space has especially bolstered the high school community and serves as the “living room” for all. Students have reported increased time spent in the Commons, and the collaboration lab, blended learning space and innovation areas are in constant use. Woven throughout are splashes of the school colors. The community pride and connection that supported the project is solidified by the increased exterior views of the outside and surrounding neighborhood.