Seekonk Public Library


The proposed new Seekonk Public Library will be a 23,000 SF building designed to meet the current and future needs of the community. Wth the onset of COVID-19, the mechanical systems will provide state of the art air filtering and handling, and the furniture and fixtures will be agile to adapt to any arrangement necessary.

Set on the same site as the prior library with access to the Seekonk Meadows behind, the fresh building will have clear sightlines and open spaces to provide a welcoming environment.

More than just books, the library will provide community programming such as local business assistance, job seeker help, senior services, events (including catering space) and a gallery.

A second floor outdoor patio provides an overlook of the park. Dedicated Children's and Young Adult room are specifically catered to the needs and development of those ages.

The town of Seekonk has been in the process of providing its community with a new space for learning, growth, and engagement. You can learn more about the project by visiting the project website.

Video Tour


Floor Plan Walkthrough

Click through the floor plan and see the new Seekonk design VR perspectives