Sharon High School

Sharon High School delivers a plan for grouping classrooms in multiple arrangements and allows for breakout activities. STEAM project spaces and a media center are centralized around the main learning corridor. Community spaces are accessible to the public through separate zones and a new site plan mitigates traffic concerns. Project will be LEED certified and utilize many sustainable initiativeswhile maintaining budget requirements.

The new Sharon High School building is a living embodiment of the school community that occupies and surrounds it. Carefully crafted from every angle, it is designed to extend the frontiers of learning and provide every Sharon student with access to the latest innovations in education, both today and whatever the future may bring. Safety and inclusivity are a hallmark of any thriving community, and these key components have been woven into every corner of your school reflecting the spirit of excellence and high performance that both student and teacher known for far beyond this town itself.

Sharon is rich in natural resources and this school embodies the natural elements for the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Copious natural daylight and carefully selected materials are balanced with unseen mechanical systems that not only keep occupants comfortable but do so in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes the incorporation of photovoltaics to help this school be a leader in low energy performance in the state.

A hallmark of the new Sharon High School lies in its thoughtful breakdown into intimate learning neighborhoods. Unlike the old high school, where corridors constrained movement and merely transported people from place to place, the new design offers ample space for passage, interaction, and impromptu study sessions. Additionally, nooks for collaborative work are generously interspersed throughout, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional classroom setup. This approach creates an environment where each individual feels a sense of belonging.

The arts are something that Sharon holds dear, and the modern facilities afforded now are already nurturing creativity and talent in ways unthought of in the previous space. Not only do these spaces provide the highest quality of education for students, but they serve as a thriving hub of activity that the Town of Sharon will be proud to use and share for generations to come.